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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No the map really wasn't that entertaining.

Across the river


So much beauty

Ditto! (Dad's caption additions are in blue)

We visited the horticulture center next. Daddy and I had

never been in there before, it was so neat! The flowers and cacti

were so beautiful.

Yours truly - also very beautiful!


Isn't she beautiful?

Through the waterfall

I thought these lilies were so pretty and unusually large,

but when we went to the store the other day I saw some

that were just as big!... I think I need to get out more.

my wonderful daughter!

"There's a church in the valley by the wildwood..."

I love the stained glass windows at the chapel! All the

stained glass windows had flowers etched on the glass which

I found so unique and pretty.

We went to a Mexican restaurant with the Deckers Saturday night;

I think about a fourth of the people at the F&D retreat had the same idea!

Friends a few tables down

We stopped at a local convenience store and to get some ice cream for dessert.

Due to the lack of an ice cream scoop I had to use Dad's pocket knife to serve

the ice cream. Talk about primitive conditions!

Hear ye, hear ye! For the first time in F&D retreat history Mr. Phillips and
his daughters had to play the infamous "help your daddy get ready for work" game.
Little Virginia was such a cutie. Though she was the one that volunteered, she mostly just stood there scratching her head in wonderment as Jubilee did all the work! LOL.

Her audience.

When Virginia jumped on the stage Saturday night, a lot of the little girls that were still

there plopped down on the floor with cameras. After babbling on for a little while she

looked down at her little audience and said, "now I'm going to sing a song for you." LOL

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Father - Daughter Retreat 2010

Here are a few pictures from the Father Daughter Retreat:

Angela displays very good form in "Correction Croquet:"

Joel and Kennedy D. display extreme expertise at the three-legged race; the reason there is no one else in the picture is that they were leaving everyone else in their dust - they were the best team out there!

Here, Angela and I try our hand (or should I say leg?) at the three-legged race. We did pretty well, but were nowhere as good as the D.'s.