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Friday, September 25, 2009

Awareness Test

How aware are you of the things going on right in front of you? Watch this video:

This is a reminder to look out for cyclists and other things we may not see when we drive, but it also is a good reminder to look out for the things we cannot always see spiritually. While we are focused on some of the things going on in our lives, there are often other things going on right in front of us that we frequently miss.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Barn!!

Greetings all,
Sorry it's been so long since I posted anything. I know I say that every time but we really have been busy! Between my grandparents and Mum going back and forth to the hospital, Daddy traveling in Florida, a new milk cow and 150 new chickens, I haven't had much time to take pictures, much less blog! Thanks so much everyone for all your prayers for my grandfather, he is feeling somewhat better and is able to get out more.

But any way, as the title states very plainly we are in the process of building a barn!..That is, the Mortons are in the process of building us a barn. LOL. I had lots of grand intentions in regards to blogging this momentous event, holding Abby S. in the light of blog-heroine, but alas, it was not to be *sigh*. But considering it only took them about three days to build up the frame work, I guess there would not have been much to post about everyday.

Sorry I don't have more pictures of the actual building process, I just never made it out there to take some.

They started on Monday morning, this picture was taken Tuesday morning before they got here. It was really foggy outside and I thought it looked pretty neat. The big white thing in front is the chicken pen.

The workman's roller coaster

Progress as of Tuesday night.

It rained all morning on Wednesday, so they had to wait until Thursday to finish up.


Daddy and Mum admiring the barn

She really didn't seem all that impressed with the idea of getting a new milking stall. But I am.


As my Dad said, "This is one of those pictures that most blogers would lable 'art'".
So just to be different I'm going to lable it 'nails'.

I don't know what to lable this one, unless I call it 'more art'.

Wesley cutting some boards

My favorite picture of the day.

Almost done!

Our lovely pond.

The day after they finished Daddy let me climb up and write some scriptures on the rafters.


Once the tin comes in it will be complete! No more milking in the rain! LOL.
(It wasn't that bad though, kinda kept the flies away;)

Haawi ke aloha,