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Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the beach

The Beach

"Ahh...what are rocks and mountains compared to waves and sand..."

We had a delightful trip to the beach a few weeks ago, (notice weeks, sorry ya'll I'm a little behind on posting) though without Mamma on the second trip it wasn't quite the same. Anyway here are some pictures from round two at the beach, I will try to get round one up soon (ever heard of putting the cart before the horse?)!

"The LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes."

Psalm 118:23

Here is Angela Marie and Lola Marie enjoying a walk on the beach:

Lively bunch ain't we?

Angela is showing me (Larry) the perfect picture that she wants to take, with the wet sand, the dry sand, and the water foreground and background:

And here is Angela's perfect picture:


Ahh...Ya'll I had the sheer delight of riding my Grandma's bike down the beach on this trip. Oh girls, if you've never done this...well, lets just say 'next time' and leave it at that. Just imagine for a moment: the waves splashing up under the wheels, the wind wipping through your hair, and ruffleing your white skirt (well, formerly white, now rather brown with sand), and...well you get the point.

It was just after T.J. 18th Birthday when we went, so it really was almost a late birthday trip. Happy Birthday dear Brother, we love you!

The Man himself I presume.

We also had a wonderful visit from my Dad's Aunt Dot, during which she gave me some lessons in swing danceing! Bring on the Glen Miller!!

Clapping ensues...

I'll try to post round 1 ASAP. Wishing everyone a wonderful week,
Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,
Daddy and Angela

Blessings for T.J.

We celebrated a wonderful blessing ceremony for T.J.'s 18th birthday. We began with words of wisdom including things that I had learned from my father and my grandmother.

I then also read and played an audio of blessings from other men that have had a significant impact on T.J.'s life as he was growing from a boy into a man.

Here is Dad speaking a blessing over his son:

Then the dear brothers of our fellowship all added their own blessings and words of encouragement for T.J.:

Here, T.J.'s grandfather (from CountryMama's side of the family) blesses T.J.:

After the blessings and communion, we had a great time of feasting and fellowship:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

As I enter this post, I pause to thank God that we do still live in a land where we can worship the Lord as we please (for the most part). We do enjoy freedoms here in this country that others in the world can only dream of.

We were watching a Moody Science video last night entitled "Empty Cities." The video highlighted several ancient civilizations that collapsed on themselves once they turned from moral living and embraced pagan things like child sacrifice and the pursuit of immoral self-pleasures. Surely, in this land where we now sacrifice children on the altar of "choice" and where we are told we have to be tolerant of "alternative lifestyles," we are not too far behind. Hopefully, as a nation, we will turn our hearts back to the God of the Bible, and repent of our sinfulness.

A good friend forwarded me this video that I have posted for your enjoyment. Yes, there still is hope for our nation. As a nation, we do tend to turn back to God in times of need. With cities now underwater as a result of flooding, and fires consuming large chunks of land out west, hopefully we will heed the wake-up call.